Sanity Sessions: I had no idea!

On this journey of pregnancy, motherhood and parenting i often find myself in conversations with others about all the things they weren’t told or given a heads up on. Sometimes i chuckle at how many of us get inducted into parenthood and how it is always a trial by fire! That being said i think about how many things we could have actually been given a heads up about?? I mean seriously! Sleep/No sleep? Postpartum Depression! What’s that? Sex drive/No sex drive (ugh). The nuances of these life changing moments seem to be kept a secret by the initiated.

But why though?! I really cant say that its purposeful, its most likely that those initiated into the “secret society” of parenthood are currently swimming under the waves of that reality. Oh yes honey, these children can be gross,dainty,angels,demons,sweet,sour and everything in between! And yet here we are….holding it together through one of the most insane rides known to man. Welcome!

I invite you to take a journey with me into “The Realness” of pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. You’ve got questions? I maaaaay have an answer…or at least some insight into what you may expect. Let’s walk this road to realness together! I got you! I promise to share what i know, keep it real, encourage you through the crazy, and share any tips and tricks from the veterans in the game. I’ll see you on the flip side!

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