Tis the Season of Reflection

Hey Love, You made it!

As we prepare to enter a New Year there is so much opportunity to reflect on what we did or didn’t accomplish…who we’ve become and how we’d like to improve and grow moving forward.

If you’re expecting maybe you’re thinking about the upcoming birth of your child and how that will change your life. Life can seem so uncertain in these days and times, but we must keep living with the expectation of beauty and love.

As we create goals and plans to grow ourselves, our families, businesses, and minds we must remember to approach them with grace and gentleness. Growing a child ain’t no joke! Ask me how I know…Growing a business or healing from trauma isn’t for the faint of heart…ask me how I know!

Reset and Restore

Here are some tips on how to approach GROWTH of all kinds with grace and gentleness

  • Create a quiet personal space of reflection where you can process, pray, and reflect free from the gaze of others
  • Decide ahead of time that the goals you set for yourself will be realistic and honor a healthy flow for your family and life
  • When hard feelings come up, lean into them instead of suppressing them. Allow yourself to FEEL
  • Choose vulnerability with yourself first, and then others
  • Ride the waves of life without attachment to outcomes- Control what you can control, and surrender to what you cannot
  • Hug yourself, don’t judge yourself! Sometimes we can be our own worst critic. This is rarely helpful. Give yourself a hug, a nap, a reset when you mess up and KEEP GOING. If you deserve love from anyone, you deserve it from yourself!
  • Set aside non negotiable “me time” Burnout is real and time set aside to gather your thoughts and rest is a part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Ignore social media! When creating personal goals it can be easy to fall into the comparison trap of what you “should be” striving for. Create personal and business goals around what you actualy want and need for growth
  • Last, but not least….Celebrate yourself! You are worthy EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY! This is all a part of the process. Enjoy the in between as much as the beginning or end of a thing.

Happy New Year from De La Luz Wellness, I am so excited to continue to connect and share with you as we approach and enter 2022. Lots of wonderful things are on the horizon for pregnant/postpartum families and my birth worker community!

Follow me on IG at @iamjacquelynclemmons, Youtube-AWAKEN Life, and of course here at http://www.delaluzwellness.com for updates on retreats, training, content, and so much more!

In Gratitude, Jacquelyn

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