Ooooh honey! I love me some

Anyone who knows me has heard me rave about the benefits (for me) of chlorophyll. I was introduced to chlorophyll about 15 years ago when I began learning about holistic health, detoxing, and the importance of minerals.

At the time, I was a vegetarian and making sure I was getting all of my minerals and greens from ALL the sources. When I began taking chlorophyll, I recognized the shift in my energy, overall feeling of wellness and the lack of overall physical smell.

My Fave Brand!

Not only did chlorophyll provide a burst of energy, it acted as a natural internal deodorizer.

When I recommend chlorophyll it is not given as nutritional advice, but as a small way to get “more greens in”. In this modern world with decreased water quality, processed foods, and tainted soil, it’s IMPERATIVE that we get our vitamins and minerals the best way we can.

Do you have any experience with chlorophyll? Are you on the fence about trying it?

Let me know what your experience is with it, if you take the plunge!

Wanna try it out? PURCHASE HERE

As for me and my house we’re gonna keep enjoying chlorophyll with a splash of lime…

Talk Soon…In Gratitude, Jacquelyn.

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