Money Doesn’t Equal Value

Preparing for the birth of your child and the impending postpartum season can be one of the most stressful events in a parents life. Going over your finances, family support, and trying to figure how all the pieces will fit together can be daunting!

Rest assured, family after family has experienced these challenges and often need reassurance that things will all work out.

Some things to consider as you are preparing for the upcoming birth of your child

  1. Your newborn thrives when you thrive. Be intentional about decreasing stress now, and when your little one arrives.
  2. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. Cherish the opportunity to bond with your child in those early months to establish healthy attachment between them and your family.
  3. Simple financial strategies can help lighten the financial burden of the postpartum season. Ask your loved ones to contribute to a postpartum fund as a baby shower gift instead of endless adorable outfits your child may never get to. Open a savings account with your bank that deposits a certain amount weekly that you wont miss, but will passively grow throughout the pregnancy.
  4. Lastly, take 3-4 recipes you really love and prepare them in batches to freeze by 38 weeks. Knowing your freezer is full of food you and your family love provides a bit of relief in those early postpartum days and nights.

There is value in establishing a strong bond and foundation with your family. No amount of money or opportunity will replace the value of quality time spent to heal and bond with your new baby.

I can hear the echoing voices now saying “But we need money to live! How can we thrive without money?” Honey, I agree, trust. I am not advocating for irresponsibly letting obligation fly in the wind. Instead, I encourage you to be thoughtful, strategic, and intentional about how you approach your birth and postpartum season.

Save money bit by bit. Ask for physical and financial support for specific needs instead of receiving random gifts, plan a postpartum budget that allows your family to live within your means during that time, establish a healing/bonding time frame that works best for your family based on financial and physical needs.

Honor yourself, Honor your family, and above all seek support where needed. You got this!

In Gratitude, Jacquelyn

Let’s connect at or on IG at @iamjacquelynclemmons for inquiries and support.

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