Did I Just Pee Myself?

During Pregnancy and after giving birth you may experience changes in the strength of your bladder, frequent urges to urinate, and a whole host of unmentionables!

You may be looking around at those closest to you and be asking “How come nobody warned me?” I get it truuuuuust me. As your growing your baby all the organs in your body are shifting around some are even flattened. The bladder is one of them!

Because the bladder is being squished more and more as your baby grows, you will find yourself going to the bathroom more often…but why didn’t you make it to the bathroom? Whew.

Our pelvic floor health plays a huge role in supporting our bladder, uterus, and bowels. If your pelvic floor isn’t as strong as it could be, you may find yourself experiencing incontinence, especially post birth.

Check out these tips for increased bladder health

Being intentional about your pelvic floor health is very important, especially during pregnancy and postpartum. Look for a pelvic floor therapist in your area and set up an appointment to see how you can improve your pelvic floor health.

We’ll be delving into this subject more deeply in the upcoming weeks! Pelvic floor health can impact your sexual health, reproductive health, and quality of life. It’s time to take care of all the things so we can enjoy ALL THE THINGS. Talk Soon.

In Gratitude, Jacquelyn

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