A Note To Mother’s On Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s to YOU! I know you’ll probably spend the day receiving this greeting and it’ll probably make you smile as you return the greeting with an automatic “Thank you”

As we take time out to “shotout” the mothers in our lives, I encourage you to look deeper. Who is the person behind the admiration you hold? What’s the story behind her motherhood?

One of the most beautiful things in this world is to be seen as you are…authentically. To be known and loved for the unique imprint you bring to your family, community, and loved ones.

So often we celebrate and give flowers on the obligatory day listed on the calender without truly showing our appreciation on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

This year, I encourage you to find out one special thing about the Mothers in your life. Maybe get them to share a special story about their childhood or their favorite adventure. And celebrate their uniqueness with something that matters to them.

It may be a day of silence, it may be a walk in their favorite park, or sharing their favorite meal with the family. For others it may be a weekend getaway or a ticket to their favorite art class. Take time to get to know what THEY want. Take time to get to know THEM. You’d be surprised at what you discover!

Happy Mother’s Day to those who sacrifice day in and day out. To those who’ve endured sleepless nights, saggy breasts, late nights helping with projects, and let’s not forget about giving birth!

To the Mothers who have adopted a child and showered them with love, those who’ve carried children that are not earthside, to those who have mothered their loved ones without birthing children of their own. You are seen.

I just want to take this moment to acknowledge the person behind the Mother. I see you, Keep going, You are amazing and we need you.

In Gratitude, Jacquelyn

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