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Hello, I am Jacquelyn Clemmons daughter of Wanda Simmons-Clemmons, granddaughter of Flora Simmons, great-granddaughter of Beatrice McLaughlin, great-great-granddaughter of Naomi Leslie, and mother of 3.

I am a birth and traditional postpartum doula, certified breastfeeding specialist, placenta specialist, doula mentor and author. I have spent the last two decades supporting families through unmedicated, medicated, VBAC, and c-section birth experiences in home, birth center, and hospital environments. Its been an honor to walk with families from various backgrounds and ethnicities as they journey through the joys and challenges of birth, nursing, and postpartum.

Through intuitive care, deep nourishment, and restorative support, I hold space for BIPOC families along their birth and postpartum journeys. By highlighting the energetics and spirit of birth I guide expectant families and new doulas alike. Welcome.

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Jacquelyn Clemmons

“Absolutely incredible. She was nothing less than critical as a physical, emotional, and spiritual liaison during the labor process. All kinds of support for both me (the father) and the Momma.

5/5, 100%, everything you could ever ask for. Seriously, could not rate higher.”

Ryan Foo

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Dallas, TX
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