Placenta Encapsulation

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of placenta encapsulation, once the placenta is cleaned, it is steamed (i.e. warmed) gently before it is dehydrated. After birth, it is said that the mother is left in a cold state. Using the Placenta as an herb may assist with bringing homeostasis to the mother’s body post birth. During the steaming step, the water used to steam is enhanced with the use of warming herbs. Lemon and ginger are most commonly used because they are both warming and aid in distributing the healing properties of the placenta throughout the body. Next, the placenta is dehydrated and then encapsulated and bottled. The placenta capsules can provide a steady release of energy in the postpartum and could assist the mother with balancing and stabilizing her hormones. TCM method usually produces a few weeks supply of capsules (the amount varies per placenta).


Bronze Package $250

  • Includes in home encapsulation and Cord Keepsake

Silver Package $275

  • Includes in home encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, and Tincture

Gold Package $325

  • Includes in home encapsulation, Cord Keepsake, Custom Placenta Art or Photography (client consultation required)


**Here at De La Luz Wellness we practice Placenta Encapsulation with the highest standard of safety and integrity for the wellbeing of each client. Each practitioner is Blood Borne pathogen certified and Trained in the Traditional Chinese Medicine method. Note: Although TCM method is used, the Placenta Specialist is not a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.