Traditional Post Partum Doula Services

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“We finished off my postpartum care with a Hamam ceremony, where I felt like utter royalty. She made my house so serene, relaxed and majestic. It was really an amazing way for her to honor me as a new, exhausted, hungry, sore, breastfeeding mother. I truly felt like royalty and would implore any woman having given birth to acquire these services and allow ourselves as the mother to be nurtured.”-R.CC

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*Closing of the bones packaged in 3 sessions ($900 when booked together)*

*Postpartum celebrations are tailored to each family, pricing varies. Consultation required*


Closing the Bones session(Dallas only)

Closing the bones is the ritual that helps the new mother close her bones, support her organs shifting back into place and closing the void of space created in birth. This ritual involves a Traditional Moroccan shawl which is tightly wrapped around the body head to toe during the immediate postpartum period. This package include a Hamam steam, and tea of your choice.


Closing of the Bones (Set of 3)

3 separate sessions. Includes 1 Hamam session 3 closing of the bones and tea of your choice with each session.


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