Spirit Song Birthworker Retreat

Looking to uplevel your current doula offerings? JOIN US.

Be nourished as you learn to nourish the Nafsa ‘The New Mother’. Each live retreat training includes the Traditional Morrocan Postpartum medicine curriculum taught by a certified instructor.

The Traditional Moroccan medicine shared here has recieved baraka (blessings) from the Morrocan midwives who have shared their knowledge via Layla B’s Nafsa Project School. This course, live and online, is appropriation free.

In addition to learning this rich postpartum tradition, retreat attendees get to enjoy a live, grounding Kora meditation, superfood for birthworkers demo, and breathwork and journaling workshops. Each attendee will leave recharged and prepared to add Traditional Morrocan Postpartum medicine to their offerings.

Come, let’s restore, revive, and reclaim traditional postpartum, together.

Nafsa Project School by Layla B

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