Become A Certified Traditional Postpartum Doula

Join The Postpartum Revolution!

A two-day postpartum training that is uplifting and powerful, with direct hands-on learning and education to become a Traditional, Holistic Postpartum Doula. Spirit Song Traditional Postpartum Medicine Training will help you level up your postpartum business with the confidence to create beautiful new pathways for yourself, your clients and their families!

Postpartum Doulas are privileged to help new mothers meet the challenges of the first 40 days post partum. This is a time in which many women start to feel disconnected from their bodies, experience pressure to lose weight, and experience depression from losing the support of having a newborn as well as from hormonal shifts.

Adding this skillset to your birth-based business allows you to provide nourishing postpartum medicine to your community, while enjoying the freedom of living your life in a way that leaves you FULL.

Looking to uplevel your current doula offerings? Do you desire to revive healing postpartum traditions within your family? Become a Certified TNPS traditional postpartum doula!

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Closing The Bones

Be nourished as you learn to nourish the Nafsa (The New Mother). Each live retreat training includes the online Traditional Moroccan Postpartum medicine curriculum taught by a TNPS certified instructor.

**This training includes live and online instruction**

Come, let’s restore, revive, and reclaim traditional postpartum, together!

Here’s what you can look forward to learning:

Morocco and Her Medicine
(1)This explores
The Story of Morocco 
The first 40 days 
The 6 stages of postpartum healing

Welcome Her and Honor Her
(2)This explores
Who is the NAFSA (new mother)?
Why should we welcome & honor the new mother?
How she’s traditionally welcomed & honored in Morocco?
Natural Plant Medicine in Morocco

Nourish Her
(3)This explores
Introduction to Moroccan cuisine
Exploring Moroccan food
Cooking for the new mother
How the NAFSA (new mother) is nourished in Morocco

Nurture Her
(4)This explores
How the NAFSA (new mother) is nurtured in Morocco
What is the Moroccan Hamam
The materials and ingredients needed for the Hamam
How to prepare the ceremonial tray
How to offer the Hamam (you do not need to have access to a Hamam, a bath or shower room will do)
Womb steaming

Close Her
(5)This explores
Intro to closing the bones and belly binding in Morocco
The materials needed for the closing
How it is offered and set up
Belly binding
Traditional songs to use for the closing

Celebrate Her
(6)This Explores
Why the new mother is celebrated
How she is celebrated in Morocco
What kind of ceremonies you can offer

Day 1

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Modules 1-3 *Morocco and Her Medicine, Welcome Her and Honor Her, Nourish Her
  • Delicious meals provided! Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine training led by Layla B Certified Instructor

Day 2

  • Modules 4-6 *Nurture Her, Close Her, Celebrate Her
  • Delicious meals provided and so much more! Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine training by Layla B Certified Instructor

Peace of Mind, Purpose, Restoration and clear direction on how to nurture the “Nafsa” postpartum will prepare you to serve at a HIGH LEVEL.

REGISTER for the city of your choice below if you’re ready to take your birth-based business to the NEXT LEVEL!

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