A Cup of Sanity


A Cup of Sanity

~San~i~ty: Sound Mental Health, Soundness of Mind~

Looking for a way to add calm, rest, and relaxation to your life? Grab A Cup of Sanity!!

This custom blend is carefully crafted and mindfully prepared to activate a sense of peace and well being.

A Cup of Sanity – De La Luz Signature Blend:

  • Lemon Balm- Anti-inflammatory properties, Balances moods, Reduces stress and anxiety, Eases pain, Promotes restfulness, Soothes cramps and PMS*
  • Rose Hips- High Vitamin A content, Promotes skin regeneration glowing skin*
  • Hops-Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-anxiety
  • Holy Basil ( Also known as Tulsi ) – Relief from respiratory disorders, Stress relief, Antibiotic
  • Lavender- Anti-inflammatory, Mood stabilizing, Pain relief

*benefits for women