“When I became interested in Reiki I was experiencing a loss of my voice literal and figuratively (spiritually & emotionally. I had experienced traumatic childhood abuse that had left me feeling without a voice. I learned about it through a friend and a short time later I met Jacquelyn.
Anyone who knows her can appreciate her quiet, yet fiery magnetic energy. She shared some valuable information and we set up a session. I was not quite expecting how powerful the experience would be. After she moved through the practice, which she conducted in a dimly lit intimate space that was illuminated by candles – I felt a shift. Specifically on my throat. When she focused on it during the practice I felt myself begin to weep as I felt the passage began to flow.. The same with my heart and womb or sacral chakra.  It was the start of a work that has taken me far and is such an integral part of my journey-  so grateful for this experience”-T.O.

“The Reiki service I receive here is the best in Colorado.
Jacqueline brings a professionalism to energy work that is often missing. The intake process helps ground the session as one would do for any physical or psychological consultation. De La Luz Wellness also offers some of the most relaxing teas.”-A.Ealey

“The cup of sanity tea is everything my weary mind needed. The care and intent with which it is prepared is evident in taste and effect. I can’t thank Jacquelyn enough for that blessing. #DeLaLuz is the truth.”-N. Trahan

“Jacquelyn was so warm and kind at a time that I needed it most. Her spirit genuinely seeks to serve in the healing process that my children and I need. My Reiki session has helped me in my daily practice to ground and bring peace to my day. Thank you so much!!!”-M. Searcy