“I first discovered De La Luz Wellness (Jacquelyn) on Instagram! I found out about her right on time because I had just moved to Maryland and was terrified of finding a good birthing team due to the current maternal statistics for black expectant mothers. From our first session , we instantly clicked. My husband and I both took a liking to her, she provided various resources , was sooo welcoming , friendly , positive, relatable, and passionate. She definitely pours her heart into her work and you can tell this is her passion and purpose. I unfortunately went into preterm labor, so I didn’t get to work directly with her during labor, but she was and is a great source of support for my postpartum care. I would highly recommend Jacquelyn for your care, she is reliable and trustworthy. Book her now!”-I. Owens

“When I became interested in Reiki I was experiencing a loss of my voice literal and figuratively (spiritually & emotionally. I had experienced traumatic childhood abuse that had left me feeling without a voice. I learned about it through a friend and a short time later I met Jacquelyn.
Anyone who knows her can appreciate her quiet, yet fiery magnetic energy. She shared some valuable information and we set up a session. I was not quite expecting how powerful the experience would be. After she moved through the practice, which she conducted in a dimly lit intimate space that was illuminated by candles – I felt a shift. Specifically on my throat. When she focused on it during the practice I felt myself begin to weep as I felt the passage began to flow. The same with my heart and womb or sacral chakra.  It was the start of a work that has taken me far and is such an integral part of my journey-  so grateful for this experience”-T.O.

“The Reiki service I receive here is the best…
Jacquelyn brings a professionalism to energy work that is often missing. The intake process helps ground the session as one would do for any physical or psychological consultation. De La Luz Wellness also offers some of the most relaxing teas.”-A.Ealey

“My Doula helped my partner and I to protect myself and my child physically and spiritually.
As a first time mom there were so many things I did not know during my pregnancy and my experience in the middle of a Pandemic.
I consider myself a smart, self sufficient, career driven individual with the ability to figure out most things but my experience and education did not prepare me for what I encountered during my pregnancy.
You see, my partner and I tried for two years to conceive a child and finally our prayers were answered. I was two months pregnant when I took the pregnancy test and we finally received a positive result.
At seven months of pregnancy I began to research more about pregnancy, symptoms, complications and testing and came across a couple of articles touching on the importance of having a doula as a minority. During a dinner with a family member I was given De La Luz Wellness contact information. I immediately made a call and I will tell you it was the best decision I made to prepare myself for the rest of pregnancy and delivery. There was so much information I received from Jacque that strengthened my knowledge. She taught me how to have the courage to challenge and ask questions that were pertaining to my health and my child. She taught me to hold everyone accountable to supply me with information to make better decisions. Without that knowledge like so many other black mothers I would have been lost and excepted what doctors said not knowing I can always ask for clarity and more information or gain a second opinion.
By having my doula in my corner gave me the strength I need to protect myself and my child. They reality is there are positive things that happen in hospitals concerning care and there are negative things. During my stay I encountered both negative and positive medical professionals but I was equip with knowledge, strength and Wellness to all mothers in need of support throughout their pregnancy and post partum.
Jacquelyn thank you there no words to describe your dedication and support.”- C. Rants

“Jacquelyn was so warm and kind at a time that I needed it most. Her spirit genuinely seeks to serve in the healing process that my children and I need. My Reiki session has helped me in my daily practice to ground and bring peace to my day. Thank you so much!!!”-M. Searcy

“Absolutely incredible. She was nothing less than critical as a physical, emotional, and spiritual liaison during the labor process. All kinds of support for both me (the father) and the Momma.

5/5, 100%, everything you could ever ask for. Seriously, could not rate higher.”– Ryan Foo

“So much of my 37-hour home-birth is now a blur of pain and spirit. One thing I can remember with the most rooted gratitude and joy is Jacquelyn’s gentle, strong, ancient mother tree-like voice, exactly when I didn’t think I could: “Go Deep, Mama. Go Deep.” She reminded me of what I was doing amidst the uncertainty, the pain, the chaos. I am eternally grateful for Creator gifting me her presence at my birth. *(MOST) HIGHLY RECOMMEND* “💖🙏🏽🌟with Eutimia Cruz Montoya.

“Throughout the whole laboring process without having pain medicine Jacquelyn was very attentive and was able to really read my needs and energy. She was perfect in her approach and knew just the right things to say to me and really helping me to go to another level of mental fortitude to push past the pain……We finished off my postpartum care with a Hamam ceremony, where I felt like utter royalty. She made my house so serene, relaxed and majestic. It was really an amazing way for her to honor me as a new, exhausted, hungry, sore, breastfeeding mother. I truly felt like royalty and would implore any woman having given birth to acquire these services and allow ourselves as the mother to be nurtured. Although my birth did not happen in the birthing center where I so badly desired it to. The Hamam ceremony really made up for that.

I am so grateful that through my experience and having used Jacquelyn’s services that my birth experience was more than pleasant. I desire birthing more children and am insistent Jacquelyn helps me. I will forever be grateful for this and fortunate to have not only gained a wonderful member to my wellness team but a friend and sister.”- R. Heru-Cole


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